Nonfiction books are often considered the inferior cousins to story books, or fiction books. However, for educational reasons, enjoyment, and personal growth, kids need access to a collection of quality nonfiction books. Homeschool families and librarians are well aware of this and they provide kids with nonfiction fun books from some of the best children's publishers.

You don't have to be a homeschooler to get a kid reading an encyclopedia or fact book. Just find them an entertaining, absorbing nonfiction book they'll love.

Topics in Nonfiction Kids Books

There are many fun topics in nonfiction kids books. Here are some popular ones.

The two most recognized publishers in children's nonfiction are Usborne and Dorling Kindersley.

Dorling Kindersley Books

Dorling Kindersley is owned by Pearson Publishers. You can read more about Pearson Publishers and the fun book ranges they publish on the adult nonfiction books page. Their kids nonfiction books are high quality, very information packed, and robust. Some of the favorite books pubished by Dorling Kindersley are as follows:

Usborne Books

Usborne is a leading publisher of children's nonfiction books. In the USA the publishing agreement for Usborne is with Educational Development Corporation, who also administer the Usborne Books & More direct selling business. Usborne publish colorful, absorbing, interactive, educational, fun books for kids. They are recognized for their fabulous range of Internet Linked books, which link up with their own custom, maintained website, administered by Usborne Publishing Ltd, a UK owned and operated company.

Usborne books contain similar ranges to Dorling Kindersley, with strengths in books for preschool and elementary ages, and offerings for middle school to adult. Some notable book series published by Usborne include: