5 Best free cookery ebooks

When it comes to free, there are plenty of cooking ebooks. However, it takes a lot of time to sort through and find the best. I've done the work so you don't have to. Enjoy these fun books!

Best recipe ebooks reviews

I recommend the following five free cooking ebooks for their quality and useability. I've noted below whether they are illustrated and how you get your own copy. They are all in pdf format.

1) 5 Ingredients, 10 Minutes - Jules Clancy

cover of Jules Clancy's free e-cookbook Jules Clancy's Stonesoup blog has over 11,000 readers - it's easy to see why. Jules is a food scientist with a large and growing online following.

Jules is giving away her free e-cookbook 5 Ingredients, 10 Minutes which is 168 pages of delectable goodness. Seriously, Jules book is my top pick because my kids come in the kitchen and say, "Mmmm. I smell Jules Fried Rice."

I've not counted the recipes in 5 Ingredients, 10 Minutes, but every single one is gorgeously illustrated. You don't even have to sign up for Jules mailing list to get your copy, though I recommend you do. Get your free copy of 5 Ingredients, 10 Minutes.

2) Sweet Delights - Cristina Colli

cover of Cristina Colli's Sweet Delights free e-cookbook Cristina Colli's blog is Positively Beauty. Cristina is an interior designer, writer, photographer, and baker. Appropriately, Cristina's free ebook Sweet Delights is a beauty.

Inside Sweet Delights you'll find "21 recipes for mouthwatering handmade gifts". Cristina's recipes are well explained and delightfully illustrated. The photos will literally make your mouth water.

Cristina seems to particularly enjoy adding an orange twist to her recipes. Try out her Walnut Tangerine Meltaways, Chocolate Orange Cinnamon Cookies, Cocoa Orange Brownies, Orange Spice Cake, and Candied Orange Sticks. Get your free copy of Sweet Delights.

3)Aeri's Kitchen - Aeri Lee

cover of Aeri's Kitchen Korean e-cookbook Aeri Lee's blog Aeri's Kitchen covers both Korean and Western (USA style) cooking. Her free e-cookbook is simply called Aeri's Kitchen.

Aeri clearly has a design sense. Her 44 page e-cookbook is nicely illustrated with a photo of each dish and an attractive textured pager background to the pages. Recipes do have quite a list of ingredients, but most are pantry items which you will use for several recipes. Some of the ingredients will require a trip to your local oriental supermarket. Every recipe is easy to follow.

Visit Aeri's Kitchen and look for the book cover to download your free copy. There is no need to sign up for Aeri's list.

4) Travelling Through Desserts - Xavier Molina

Travelling Through Desserts comes without a fancy cover graphic. Don't let that put you off though because inside are 100 pages of useful cookbook. As well as the recipes there is an introductory section explaining basic cookware and what to store in your pantry.

Each recipe comes not only with a photo of the dessert, but also with a map of the country the recipe comes from and some historical background information. The recipes themselves are simple and well explained. Each recipe has a designated difficulty level. Quantities and directions are imperial (ounces and cups) so you'll need to do your own metric conversions, if that's how you work.

Get your free pdf copy of Travelling Through Desserts, there is no need to sign up. Or get your Kindle version of Travelling Through Desserts (currently 99 cents) at Amazon.com.

5) E-Cookbooks Samplers - E-Cookbooks.com

The Website E-Cookbooks.com has a collection of free sampler recipe ebooks. I downloaded the Chinese Recipes Sampler. Inside is a collection of Chinese dishes with familiar favorites, such as Cashew Chicken, General Tsao's Chicken, and Hunan Beef. There are no illustrations, but you won't really need them if you are at all familiar with Oriental Cooking. The ingredients are readily available and weights and measures are in cups and ounces.

Other E-Cookbooks Samplers available at the site include: Italian; Mexican; Pizza; Crock-pot; Brand-name Copycat; Salad; and Soups. Get your free pdf e-cookbook copies (page down to where it says Free Cookbooks on a blue background). There is no need to sign up.