Direct Sell Books with Usborne Books and More

Do you like books? Believe in literacy? Want to have a home-based business? Usborne Books and More is a home-based business which involves direct selling fun books, gets kids reading, and is a positive addition to your life, family, and community. If you are interested, keep reading.

Is there a need for more Usborne consultants? Yes - 29,420 more! If you like statistics read the Statistics used to generate this number below. Otherwise, let's talk about why you might want to start your own Usborne Books and More business.

  1. You get to have fun while earning money? Does your current job pass the fun test?
  2. You can work while in your PJ's! Tired of the 9-5 routine? Want to work from home?
  3. Your supervisor gives you a proven plan to follow. No guessing about how to succeed in selling.
  4. Your pay is based on how hard you work and there are lots of folks who want to help you grow your book business! In fact you get lots of bonus rewards, free training, your own website, and a way to communicate daily with those who are making BIG money doing this.
  5. You can become an entrepreneur for <$100. It's a great challenge and a way to add a new interest to your life.
  6. Working hard will get you dream vacations to exotic places — like London, Rome, Hawaii, Mexico and Alaska.
  7. You get to put fun books into the hands of kids. You will be doing something positive for your community and family. It feels good to help people!
  8. Did I say it was fun and that you get FREE books? Usborne have a direct selling business that is great to be a part of.

Ready to sign up? Do so here. Have more questions that I can help with? Send me a message.


Do you need to see statistics on this opportunity? According to the US Census bureau there is one child born in the USA every 8 seconds. That is 60/8 = 7.5 children every minute. Which is 7.5 * 60 = 450 per hour and 450 * 24 = 10,800 per day and 10,800 * 365 = 3,942,000 per year. In a 10 year period there are 39,420,000 new children born in the USA. If an Usborne consultant works with 1,000 children under age ten in a year then we need 39,420 consultants to cover the USA. A current estimate on the number of Usborne consultants is 10,000, therefore we need 29,420 more!

29,420 consultants is definitely a conservative estimate of how many are needed. Of the current 10,000 or so Usborne Books and More consultants registered, not all are currently active and a considerable number are purchasing books only for their own family (which incidentally is a GREAT reason for becoming a consultant). Let's think a minute also about the idea of one consultant working with 1,000 kids under the age of ten. Assuming that an average family has three kids, 1,000 kids would belong to 333 families. It would be a very busy consultant who could manage 333 homeshows per year. That's more than one per day!!!

Who is in the Usborne audience anyway?

You might also want to know that it's not just kids under 10 years old who enjoy Usborne books. Usborne books and activity kits appeal to a wide audience. Many adults enjoy the art, craft and cooking books. Non-fiction books have a wide appeal and are of interest to people of all ages because of the great factual content. True Stories and World War books are loved by many older gentlemen, as well as by teens and pre-teens. Usborne books are great for helping adults who are growing their own literacy skills. Books designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers are helpful in therapy for adult stroke survivors and many, many Usborne books are just loved by both children and adults with Autism and Downs Syndrome.

Still wondering whether there is space for you to be successful as a consultant? Another way to figure out the saturation point in direct sales is that saturation occurs at 3% of the population. Current USA population is around 300,000,000. 3% * 300,000,000 = 9,000,000. Wow — Great Fun Books needs 9,000,000 – 10,000 = 8,990,000. That is 8 million 990 thousand more people on our team! Now wait a minute, that doesn't seem right. I'm not a math whiz but something smells wrong here. If 3% of the population were consultants that would mean every consultant has on average only 33 customers and that includes folks of all ages. That would definitely be saturation.

Does this pass on the "makes common sense" test?

Hmmm... I think we should forget all these statistics and use common sense. How many Usborne Books and More Home consultants have called you during the last year to tell you about their business? Before I became an Usborne consultant I was NEVER even once invited to a book party at someone's home. I got to shop at an Usborne pre-school bookfair exactly once in 8 years, and I never had ONE person tell me about how to start my own direct selling business with Usborne. If you've had anything like the same exposure to the Usborne business as I had before I started doing this, common sense will tell you that there is LOTS of opportunity out there. Still wondering just how many consultants are working in your area — contact us and we will get some information to you.