How to choose great kids books.

Features to look for in books

  1. Great pictures and illustrations that catch the attention and help explain the text.
  2. Interesting topics — choose something your kids already enjoy.
  3. Activities that keep kids in the book.
  4. Easy reading with high interest level or dual-reader books for early readers.
  5. Books that treat kids as if they are intelligent and give real information.

Here are some suggestions of great kids books from the recognized publisher Usborne: puzzles, searches and mazes; crafts and find the duck . Activities in these books hold a child's interest and make them fun to read.

If you don't know what books interest your kids, take them to a bookstore (or library) and offer them money to spend. Let them browse. Or you could invite an Usborne bookseller to your home so that you and your kids can see the books. Usborne books do not promote TV characters or the latest trends. They are good, solid, entertaining, educational, and affordable books. Do pay attention to which books your kids pick up. Usually they'll be happy to let you know which ones they like.

Another way to find fun books for your kids is to pick up a pile of books at the library. Bring them home and make them available. Kids gravitate to the books they like.

Boys are geared (or brained) for non-fiction!

Apparently boys do best with reading non-fiction, fantasy, humor, and science fiction. Do brain differences between boys and girls account for this? read more... To get books your son will love, choose non-fiction titles on topics that interest him, or humorous stories. Possibilities for non-fiction fun books, again from Usborne, include: dinosaurs; pirates; knights and Romans; and science. Humorous stories for new readers include: The Story of Chocolate and The Stinking Story of Garbage. For boys ages 10 and up take a look at the chapter books Classics and True Adventure Stories.

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