Whether you are off for the first time to college, nervous about your child's first school day, or hoping to encourage an older child in their studies, below you'll find fun books perfect for back to school.

Back to College Books

A few quick, fun book picks for back to college:

Starting High School Books

Freshman year, scary or successful, books can make it fun.

  1. Think of high school like a wilderness experience and pack yourself The Ultimate High School Survival Guide.
  2. Musicals and high school just seem to go together. You might be tempted to think that fiction is useless when it comes to acing high school, but in fact we all learn from stories. They're the perfect conversation starters and they prompt us to think through our own experiences and challenges. With that in mind, you may enjoy Hairspray (in hardback) - all about the making of this high-school-backdrop movie. Or, for the gleek in you, The Complete Unofficial Glee A-Z.
  3. Or maybe just opt out of the school system all together with The Teenage Liberation Handbook. If you've not read this one, it's a must have classic (for adults too).

Try also Adult Nonfiction for more young adult reading suggestions.

Starting Middle School

Middle school is a growth experience which requires kids to keep a sense of humor. Here are some fun back to school books for middle school kids: