There are many wonderful books for adults and young adults. New books are published every day. How do you go about finding fun books for adult reading? Below are some suggestions for how to find adult fiction books.

Finding Book Lists

Book lists are great places to find reading suggestions. Here are some places to find book lists:

10 Great Adult and Young Adult Fiction Lists at

Here are ten great adult and young adult fiction book lists at All of these contain fun reading choices.

  1. Top Adult Books includes 25 good reads from comedy, through horror, science fiction, and classics to contemporary reading choices.
  2. Adult Classics for the Kid in You is all about action and adventure. Who can't use a little escapism? These are fun books with timeless appeal.
  3. Young Adult Fantasy for Grown-ups - the name on this one is self-explanatory.
  4. Recently Banned and Challenged Books. Perfect for the rebel in you! It's not been updated since 2007, but good books don't go out of style.
  5. Young Adult Books That Change My Life is full of highly-rated selections, with a female emphasis.
  6. Historical Young Adult Books recommended for adults to read, again with a female emphasis.
  7. Outstanding Novels With Shades of Politics will surely get your brain cells kick-started.
  8. Great Fantasy Authors You've Never Heard Of. All the books are highly rated and, indeed, I've never heard of them. Most of the ones in this list are available for a tiny cost through Amazon marketplace sellers.
  9. Novels for Guys Who Don't Read Novels - great fiction for the guys.
  10. Action and Horror Fiction in case all the others are too tame to be fun books for you.

Try also Adult Nonfiction for more adult reading suggestions.